INFINITE APE is a shape-shifting collaborative project led by Dan Sheehan.

Placing open-ended collective improvisation at the core of its methodology, the project aims to celebrate the remarkable creative voices of its contributors and to push boundaries for personal and interactive language and expression. The music that unfolds is unpredictable and unrepeatable, incorporating sublime lyricism, avant-garde instincts, and an array of influences from across the jazz and contemporary classical traditions.

The project has two independent releases to its name: Infinite Ape (2013) and Civil Languages (2014).


In its current format, INFINITE APE features Sheehan alongside three astoundingly original musicians:

TONY HICKS tenor sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute

Melbourne-based woodwind artist Tony Hicks has performed across Australia and internationally since the late 1970s. He maintains a prolific creative improvisation practice, and works in a range of more commercial contexts. Since 2000 he has performed in a number of Australian Art Orchestra projects. He is a key player in Crossing Roper Bar, the orchestra’s acclaimed collaboration with indigenous Wagilak songmen from Ngukurr, Arnhem Land. He is also regularly invited to participate in the Monash Art Ensemble‘s collaborations with various international composers and performers. 


Reuben Lewis is an emergent composer, improviser and trumpeter. Since basing himself in Melbourne in 2013, his unrelenting and diverse musical activity has earned him recognition within the local scene. He leads a variety of groups, including the Reuben Lewis Quintet, Ferella/Hughes/Lewis trio, and Inflorescence ensemble, that explore everything to, from and in-between contemporary jazz, experimental/cross-medium improvisation, new music and afro-beat.

CHRISTIAN WINDFELD drums, percussion

Based in Aarhus and Berlin, Windfeld has been steadily building a name throughout Europe as an important creative voice in improvised percussion, and in 2014 was awarded the Danish Art Council’s prestigious ‘Young Elite’ fellowship. Performing with Admiral Awesome and Ellipsis among others, he has collaborated on over 25 releases, and in 2015 supported Andrew D’Angelo and Jim Black with his solo project Førstepersonental.


Previous INFINITE APE collaborators include Jon Crompton (alto sax), Paul Williamson (trumpet), Samuel Zerna (double bass) and Samuel Hall (drums).